Full List of Theme Features

Clean Design

We made Funnel for store owners who want to focus on the product they sell and the story behind it.

Optimized for Mobile

We've crafted the product page so it looks perfect on any browser, screen and device.

Focus on Imagery

Large photos that tell more than any words can, we've made it easy to let the product speak for itself.


Easy to position product Quick Shop button on the image. Sell products on the lookbook page itself.

Native Megamenu

Megamenu it's as easy to set up as any other menu in Shopify - no extra settings required, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Modular Design

Flexible modular layout makes organizing your content a breeze.

Quick Shop

Blazing fast quick shop module wich make it deserve it's name. Let your customers add products to their cart directly from collection and home pages.

Advanced Product Filtering

Let customer choose to see what they really want on collection pages with our fast, easy to setup filters.

Live Search

Display search results on current page with option to navigate to the actual search page.

Related Products

Display related products from the same collection as the product in view.

Recentlly Viewed Products

Give your customers some history making them navigate your store with ease.

Newsletter Signup

You can choose between mailchimp and Shopify's default contact form. With the contact form we also add a tag for each customer so you can then add them to any list you want.

Free Delivery Treshold

Let customers know how much they have to spend on your shop to get free delivery. Values are updated instantlly.

Exit Intent Popup

Make the customer stay by giving him a discount - on cart page.

Unique Tabbed Content on Products

You can add as much unique tabbed content as you like to any product page.

Special "About us" page

Tell your brand story with a dedicated page template.

Products Upsell

Increase the cart value by giving the right options to your customer. You can upsell any product or collection.

Currency Picker

Let your cusomers see the prices in a currency they're familiar with.

Inventory Levels

Show how many stock items you have for each product.

Sale Countdown

Create a sense of urgency by adding a countdown. You can countdown a general sale event (like black friday) which might be available for all products on sale or you can show the countdown for only one product.

Cart Behaviour

You can choose between: Reload current page, Ajax, Cart page or Direct to checkout.

Optimized for Products Reviews

All you have to do is install the app. The rest will work as expected and look seamless.

Zoom or Lightbox

Choose how you want to show your product images.

Flexible Product Page Layout

You can show product images to the right or left, have vertical or horizontal secondary images, show the description on top or bellow the product form and much more.


Let customers understand the structure of your store with easy to setup subcollections.

Custom FAQ Page

We designed a special template for questions and answers. To create a new item all you have to do is add a new Heading 4 and any content bellow it. It's as simple as that.

Special Account Pages

We've redesigned the account pages to make it easy for any customer to view their orders and buy again. We've even integrated a "Help" page where you can guide them through your store.

Native Policy Pages Support

Funnel supports Shopify's policy pages by default. All you have to do is generate the templates.

Giftcard Support

Selling giftcards it's easy with Funnel Theme.

Password Page

We've created a beautiful password page for startups. You can add as many images as you want as sliding background.

Product Swatches

Funnel Theme supports product swatches for any options you might have. For color you can choose between custom images, css background color or variant background image.

Variant Dropdowns

If swatches don't work for your products, you can choose to use dropdowns instead.

Product Navigation

Beautiful product navigation with title and images.

Do what you love - leave eCommerce to us!

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